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1. Firstly, thinking about SSE Energy Solutions as a whole and your experience to date, how likely is it that you would recommend SSE Energy Solutions to others?
Not at all likely Extremely likely
What are the reasons for your score above?
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2. How easy was it to get the help you wanted from SSE Energy Solutions?
Not at all easy Very easy
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3. Were we able to resolve your query?
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4. Finally, we would like to hear your views on our websites. Any comments are welcome.
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5. You recently contacted SSE Energy Solutions. Could you please tell us what your recent query was about?

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You have been sent this survey as SSE Energy Solutions would like to hear your feedback after your recent contact with them. To read their Privacy Policy please click here. The survey is hosted by CXCO Limited for SSE Energy Solutions.
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6. All feedback will be read by the management team at SSE Energy Solutions but will be anonymous, if you are happy to be identified please provide your name, your business name, and your email address or telephone number in the boxes below:
Email Address/ telephone number
Customer reference number (if you know it)
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